Overview Of The Property

Property Location

Mercury ICON Luxury homes is located in KATAMPE DISTRICT, ABUJA FCT

Abuja as a capital city of Nigeria is divided into FCT (Federal Capital Territory) and Area Councils. The FCT is subdivided into PHASES of which include (phase 1, 2 and 3).

The FCT in itself is also an area council known as AMAC (Abuja Municipal Area Council), and is within the jurisdiction of both FCDA (Federal Capital Development Authority) and AMAC.

KATAMPE is in the phase 2 of Abuja FCT and is bounded by MABUSHI, MAITAMA, JAHI & KATAMPE EXTENSION.

PHASE 1 , comprising of Maitama, Asokoro, Wuse and garki is much more developed in terms of infrastructures but the likes of JABI and UTAKO in phase 2 have more modern and contemporary architecture. Maitama, Asokoro and Wuse 2 are the highbrow and sought after areas of phase 1 while jabi and utako are that of phase 2. KATAMPE has the potentials to surpass the above areas.

KATAMPE, was proposed by the then present FCT minister as the next district to be opened with the state of the art infrastructure on a PPP (public private partnership) with first bank plc. However, the promoters are still behind in execution of the PPP.

Because of the above, and because Katampe share boarder with Maitama, the most expensive district in Abuja FCT, It has a unique location with a latent value of a “GOLD MINE” for both investors and speculators as at today. And all are waiting for the execution of the PPP or its replacement to cash in.

Property Description

Mercury ICON Luxury Homes is a contemporary style architecture of Townhomes comprising of 4 levels. Basically, we have 4 Townhomes of 2 bedrooms, 3 baths each, and 8 Townhomes of 1 bed, 2 baths each, all totaling 12 units. Though the way this Townhome is built, there is so much flexibility on how the levels can be combined, and how many bedrooms and how many Townhomes we can have. It presents multiple options on how many levels can be combined for 1 Townhome and how many bedrooms we can have in each Townhome.

See below the details of the 4 levels:

Level 1 features entrance lobby, foyer, half bath, living area, dining, open kitchen, storage and laundry with an exit door to the kitchen yard.

Level 2 comprises of 2 large bedrooms ensuite with 2 private bathrooms, walk in closet and bonus laundry space.

Level 3 and 4 are each made up of large 1 Bedroom, 2 bathrooms, closet, laundry, ample living and dining area with and open kitchen. These two levels are serviced with both internal and independent direct stairs from the ground floor giving them the flexibility to function separately as 1 Bedroom flat.

The rooftop lounge is designed as an open top garden partially covered for summer relaxation. It will be equipped with sit out chairs and tables, and games like billiards, pool tables, ping pong (table tennis), etc. It also has 4 bathrooms for the convenience of roof top users.

As a result of the nature of the land there is a basement floor that features 4 studio apartments accessible from the lowest part of the lot. Each studio is fully independently functional with its bedroom, closet, bathroom, and kitchen.

There are parking provision for 17 cars. The development also features generator and solar power renewable energy source to supplement supply from main utility as well as borehole water supply.

There is an equipped gym, with 2 bathrooms and locker located in the basement.

All the building materials are carefully chosen with sustainable development as focus and to be contemporary.

Property Management

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